FAQ & About Us


Why set up a blog?

Check out this article written by me (Darby) about the importance of sharing volleyball experiences and knowledge. There are times as a player that it might feel like you are alone or the first one going through hard times. As important as it is to try and fail, this is your reminder that failing is not the time to quit, but a chance to start again with more experience.  


Who am i?

The Reeders, one in Nevada and one in Washington with the unwavering support of our parents and friends we feel it is possible to bring together many experiences that can help you on your journey.

Darby Reeder. The shortest kid to make her seventh grade volleyball team. Played club volleyball at Silver State Volleyball Club (previously Capital City) and earned her spot on the Oregon State University (Corvallis, OR) volleyball team. Played four years of Division I volleyball as a libero/defensive specialist including a run to the NCAA Sweet 16 in 2014. Currently lives in eastern Washington as a farmer and blog editor. Get personal updates on her life through her instagram @darby_reeder.


Some of the content came from the Silver State Volleyball Club archives but all new content comes from volleyball coaches, players, parents, and support staff that have a message they think is worth sharing. Are you someone with a story to share? Send an email to Darby and get the ball rolling. This is a great opportunity for high school players to diversify their college applications and for alumni, coaches, support staff, and parents to share their experiences and help the next generation of volleyball players, not to mention build your social profile.