NCAA Division I Volleyball - Week 1

NCAA Division I

AVCA Player of the Week: Kramer

What was the Florida middle's hitting percentage this weekend?

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Undefeated Teams in the Top 25

  • Stanford
  • Minnesota
  • Florida
  • Penn State
  • Wisconsin
  • Creighton
  • Kansas
  • BYU
  • UCLA
  • Kentucky
  • Florida State
  • Southern California
  • Purdue
  • Western Kentucky
  • Iowa State

15 out of 25 --> see the complete list here

How many 5 set matches has there been so far?

Friday August 25th - 39/216 = 18.06%

Saturday August 26th - 48/250 = 19.2%

Sunday August 27th - 1/14 = 7.14%

Monday August 28th - 0/3 = 0%

Tuesday August 29th - 2/21 = 9.52%

TOTAL = 90/504 = 17.86%

Are teams already planning for the NCAA tournament?

-        YES! But their primary planning started back when they set up their schedule.  While teams are ranked by the coaches poll this first part of the season, starting at about the halfway point in the season, records are entered to create an RPI (Rating Percentage Index).  This index and where you fall on it can be very important if the end of the regular season comes and you are on “the bubble” for making the tournament

-        So coaches try to get the most out of weekends like this by traveling and getting big wins against the home team -- these are the most valuable wins because, as most athletes can attest to, it is difficult to go into someone’s home stadium and beat them without a fight

What am I looking forward to for Weekend 2?

There is going to be 464 matches played next weekend on Friday and Saturday, that’s enough to get me excited for now

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Give an extra thought to Houston and Texas this week post-Hurricane Harvey

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