Former National Team/Professional Team Coach Joins Northern Nevada Volleyball Club

Is there anything you would like everyone to know?

Start by thanking everyone involved in Silver State and bringing me here to coach. I like this work very much and am so happy to be here. The atmosphere is very caring and feels like family with many good people. Doing this work is like a vacation for me and I feel very lucky.


Tell us a little about yourself.

In 7th grade I moved to Kiev to play for the Junior National Team where we were USSR Champions and only lost about three games in 4 years. I lived with my team and coaches at Sports Academy where we would go to school during the summer and travel for camps and tournaments. Played for a very strong professional team in USSR then worked with the women’s Sports School team and the Junior National team made of all the best players in Ukraine. Moved to US where I coached for TAV in Texas. Moved to Penn State where my son Alex played and I was volunteer coach on the men’s side and my wife the fencing coach. I was head coach at Mount Olive where the school went to the regionals for the first time in school history. I was assistant coach at Cornell University then coached for professional team in Russia. Coached Kazakhstan National team where we went to the 2nd round in World Championships which is the further for the county in any sport.


What is your coaching philosophy and how did you develop it?

Coach is the 7th player on the court and must work closely with their players for their development. Players are only players and you need to do everything coach tells you.

Principles of Education:

  1. Simple to difficult
  2. Show, discuss, fix, repeat
  3. Development is never too late and never stops
  4. Don’t be afraid to learn new skills because your muscles will not forget the old ones, but you need to learn more to develop
  5. Work smart by listening and applying the knowledge of the coaching staff
  6. Everyone works together and has an important role players, parents, coaches, administration


With your experience as Head Coach of a Women’s National Team (Kazakhstan), Pro Super League Team (Belogorje – MetalInvest, Belgorod, Russia), and Collegiate level (Mount Olive College and Cornell University), is there a type of player that is more likely succeed compared to the rest? Do you have any advice for a player wanting to play at the next level (junior college or college)?

Players that use their mind and physical skill together are more likely to succeed at any level. Use coaches’ knowledge every day at practice and have goal for the future that you are working towards. Write down the things you learn after practice and review before your next practice. The better you prepare in club the more likely you are to succeed in college, but you need to work very hard in both club and college.


Why Silver State Volleyball Club?

Worked with Jordan at Cornell then came out to Nevada to do a clinic for Silver State and really liked the staff and found the players very attentive. I knew in my heart that I could belong here.


Which age groups will you be working with at Silver State Volleyball Club?

I will be coaching Silver State's 18s and the U14 Volleyball Academy in Carson and Reno


Can you share your goals for this upcoming year?

Everyone works hard and the result comes from everyone contributing 100%. Healthy and open communication between staff, players, and parents. Players will feel prepared and trust in their coach.