Silver State Volleyball Club FAQ

What makes Silver State unique from the other clubs in the area?

We are a competitive club that balances the best interest of the individual players with the goals of our teams. Our players come from many different high schools which practice different systems of volleyball, so we spend a great deal of time teaching skills and techniques based on position that can then be translated to any system. We find this also helps the girls who continue their careers in college.

What training options are available at Silver State?

Silver State offers different levels of competitive club teams, skills clinics, summer beach teams, and private/small group lessons. A full list of clinics can be found on our homepage.

Why should my daughter play club?

Club volleyball gives players an opportunity to play volleyball almost year around. It provides training during the school volleyball off season and offers different levels or play to match commitment and goals. We have some athletes that have been selected for the USA Volleyball High Performance Program and have played all over the country and internationally. Joining will give your daughter the opportunity to play the sport she loves while training in a positive environment with dedicated and educated coaches.

Why are there multiple levels of teams with different scheduling?

Each level has different criteria in commitment, travel, training, cost and expectations. Teams are formed with athletes of close or equal skill level, goals, and commitment.

Does playing club volleyball help increase my daughter's chances of receiving a scholarship and/or playing volleyball in college?

Yes, most college recruiting occurs during the club season because this allows college coaches to compare players from all across the country at tournaments of similar caliber. Our Recruiting Coordinator Jim Saari specifically helps our athletes through the process and helps them find the right fit.

Is it possible to play school sports during the club season?

Yes, girls that compete in multiple sports are overall more athletic and have a good fitness level. Most collegiate coaches prefer a well-rounded student-athlete as opposed to one that is "burned-out" on a singular sport. Communication with club coaches about scheduling and requirements for the other sport is crucial. It is also important for the athlete to prioritize their long-term goals of the different sports to better handle scheduling conflicts.

What if my daughter decides during the season that she no longer wants to play?

Once a player commits to the team she has a responsibility to her teammates, coaches, family and herself to complete the season. The staff is very aware of the commitment that playing club volleyball requires and will work together with players to ensure the goals of the season are met.

How is playing time decided and is my daughter guaranteed an opportunity?

Equal playing time is not guaranteed at any level in our club. Playing time is earned at practice and past tournament play and is at the discretion of the Head Coach(es). Equal playing time does not reward better players and should not be expected at any competitive environment. However, we believe our coaches are able to alleviate most playing time issues by working with line ups, rotations and substitutions to put players in position to contribute to their team.

What is involved if my daughter's team qualifies for Nationals or AAU's and does she have to participate?

Participation is required once a team qualifies or accepts a bid the Nationals or AAU Championships. The players who elect not to participate are still responsible for all the associated costs.