Gifts for the Volleyball Obsessed


Is it just me or does time fly quicker when autumn begins? It must be the combination of an increased numbers of hours spent in a gym and the cooler weather but now that high school seasons are drawing to a close and the club season is right around the corner, we can take a second to take stock of our blessings and write down a few new year's resolutions. Oh! But before we do that, we have much to celebrate with the season of giving upon us! Here are a few practical gifts that are not only thoughtful but useful as well! Happy holidays to all.


Foot Scraper


The ugly truth of being an athlete, calluses on calluses. If you are looking to splurge then a pedicure is super thoughtful! But if you are looking for a gift that will keep on giving then invest in a scraper and some nail polish, if you are so inclined.







Comfy Socks


After a long day or weekend of volleyballing, win or lose, it is time to load into the car/plane for the commute home. As wonderful as it would be to run around in a pair of Uggs or slippers, there is the issue of smelly feet. The easiest way to avoid this is with comfy socks! All of the comfort + the ability to run them through the washing machine. Go team!









Sound-Canceling Headphones

$29.99 $139.99

Time on the road can really wear you down, especially with the added complications of school work and college prep, it is necessary to escape with music, a podcast, or just the sound of silence. I got a pair of these headphones a couple weeks ago and am actually pretty impressed, especially considering they took a trip through the washing machine unscathed. They are comfy and are actually perfect to work out in (because cardio without a distraction sucks). P.S. the little wings are removable and it comes with three different bud sizes.







"Adult" Coloring Book


The stress of being a student-athlete, the importance of mental health in athletics is now getting more attention than ever before. I am personally a big fan of coloring not only because it takes me back to the joyful childhood years, but also because it is a form of active meditation that can bring a sense of calm at a time when there is a lot going on. And there is always a lot going on.






Leave-in Conditioner


Ohhh the athlete life of endless pony-tails/braids/buns/whatever else. The toll it takes on hair looks different on everyone and there are lots of different tips and tricks you can find online about wearing your ponytail in a different spot and using certain types of hairties without the metal part. Breakage, split ends, blah blah blah. Straight from my hairdresser she suggested leave in conditioner as a type of shield to the endless hair torture. I like this one because it works for me and smells pretty, but feel free to shop around for one that works.








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So, oh my goodness I love the holidays! Family time, relaxation, dreaming of dream chasing and goal getting. I hope these gift ideas let the holidays be a little more relaxing for you and also help your favorite volleyball player take on the world! Or you know travel well and have pretty feet and hair (all baby steps to world domination). Happy holidays friends!