Volleyball, Sisterhood, & Twin Telepathy

Kallie and Kassie have been playing volleyball since they were in 7th grade. They played on their first club team at Silver State Volleyball Club the following year and are entering their senior season at Dayton High School.  Kallie and Kassie are identical twins standing at 6’1”, Kallie is a setter/right side and Kassie is a middle blocker. They took some time to answer questions about their volleyball careers so far, how athletics and sisterhood affect each other, and the biggest question of all, does twin telepathy exist?

What is your most significant volleyball memory to date?

Kallie - My most significant volleyball memory was the summer between my 7th and 8th grade year.  It was the first time I ever went to the club; I was there for a clinic. I had no idea what I was doing. I had gone with my older sister. About fifteen minutes after I had gotten to the club, coach Mike came over and took me and my sister over to a ball on the wall and for the first time taught us how to hit a volleyball.

Kassie - My most significant volleyball memory is playing in varsity my sophomore year, and ending up in the front row with both of my sisters.  Kallie playing right side and my older sister Cheyanne as outside. 

What is your favorite tournament?

Kallie - My favorite tournament is Far Westerns. It's so much fun mostly because it is so large, and you can watch teams from almost any age level to play.  While I'm there I love watching the men's club team that plays sometimes. Far Westerns is so much fun. And I also love how close it is to home.

Kassie - My favorite tournament is Far Westerns.  

How has sports changed your bond as sisters?

Kallie - Sports has affected my life so much.  But when it comes to my sisters. It changed so much. It helped us become closer. Especially with my twin sister. It brought us closer together and we were able to work together so much easier.

Kassie - Sports changed my bond with my sisters by bringing us closer.  By always working together we are very close with one another and work together very well. 

Has playing with your sister changed your relationships with other teammates?

Kallie - When it comes to my teammate and my sister it definitely changed my relationship with the them.  I got really close to my teammates and I was able to work really well with them.

Kassie - Playing with my sister helped me work with other people, so I was able to work really well with some people, especially the people I was on the same team with for a couple of years. 

What is your favorite snack table food to eat during a tournament?

Kallie - My favorite snack food was most definitely a pasta that one of our team moms would make almost every tournament. It had cheese and tomato in it and it was so good. But when I didn't have time between games to eat pasta I would usually have a granola bar.

Kassie - My favorite snack food is fruit bars. They are easy to grab, and taste good. But when I have more time, I like to eat a lot of the fresh fruit.  

What is your favorite part about club volleyball at SSVC?

Kallie - My favorite part about club volleyball would definitely be the coaches.  They are very supportive and understanding. They are there for you if you need them, even if it has nothing to do with volleyball. The coaching staff is the best thing at SSVC.

Kassie - My favorite part about club I show I always learn something new, or I always improve.  I always have to work hard, and the coaches always push me to my limit to get better. 

What is something our readers can learn from your experiences?

Kallie - So some advice I would give is to always try your hardest even if you don't feel like you have to.  You must always push yourself to your limit and then a little bit farther.

Kassie - Don't be afraid to push yourself and to completely wear yourself out. It helps you get stronger and better.

Looking forward, what are your future plans?

Kallie - My future plans are to graduate this year with a volleyball scholarship. I want to go to a Division II school and get my Master’s degree.

Kassie - My future plans are to finish this high school year with my associates degree, work for a volleyball scholarship, and continue through four more years of college.  

Is twin telepathy a real thing (can you hear each other’s thoughts)?

Kallie - I am sorry to say the twin telepathy does not actually exist. Trust me I wish it did.

Kassie - Twin telepathy is not real, we are able to read each other's expression and body language really well. So we don't need to talk at times, but we cannot speak to each other. 

Photo Provided by Kallie Strong